How to make registration at one of our workgroups?

Should you be interested to participate in one of our 5 workgroups of our COST Action. Please fill out the work group registration form (see below) and mail it to mp1206'at' We will inform the workgroup leader of your interest to participate actively in his workgroup.

Work Group Registration Form


How to join COST Action MP1206?

There are two possible scenarios to join this cost Action MP1206

A) For institutions from COST Countries

B) For institutions from Non-COST Countries

See COST country information in

A) Institutions from COST Countries

Within 1 year from the CSO approval, anybody can join the Action without MC Approval.
After 1 year from the CSO Approval, the applicant must seek the MC Approval before he/she can join the Action. In brief, for MP1206 up to May 31st 2014 no MC Approval is needed to join the Action.

Until this date

There are 2 Options:

1) Your country has not yet accepted the Action’s MoU. Contact your CNC (Cost National Coordinator) and inform the Chair of the Action (mailto: mp1206 (at) of your interest. The CNC accepts the MoU and nominates you as representative of your country to the MC.

2) Your country has accepted the Action’s MoU and the CNC has already nominated two MC representatives: Contact the Action Chair for nomination as WG Member.

After this date

1. Submit your Application to the Chair of the Action.
2. The MC approves the Application -at MC Meeting or by written procedure.
3. You contact your CNC to inform them of the positive MC Decision and ask them to accept the MoU (imperative to be able to become MC Member)
 and to nominate you as MC Member.
4. The CNC accepts the MoU and nominates you as MC Member.
5. You receive from e-COST an invitation to create your e-COST Profile.

6. You are now a member of the MC and will receive all the relevant information/invitations etc.

 B) Institutions from Non-COST Countries

There are three options:

1) Invited Expert for a specific meeting (can be reimbursed).

2) Participation in COST Action on basis of mutual benefit (approved on case-by-case basis). Participants from non-COST country institutions are NOT reimbursed. Participants from formally approved institutions from Near Neighbour Countries can be reimbursed.

3) Reciprocal Agreement at present with New Zealand, South Africa and Argentina.

Procedure for non-COST countries

1. Complete the “non-COST country institution template” and write a one page “motivation letter” summarizing the institution, its research relevant to the Action and the mutual benefit of joining the Action.

2. Send these documents to the Chair of the Action and to the COST Office
3. Once approved the participants from Near Neighbour countries will be entitled to one reimbursement per meeting under the same rules as the COST participants. Participants from other non-COST Countries will NOT be reimbursed.

COST MP1206 Final Event and MC meeting, University of Cyprus, Nicosia-Cyprus, 19-21 April 2017
COST MP1206 final SG meeting will take place on Monday 6 March 2017, in Ajaccio France
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