Management Structure


Action Chair

  • Dr. Erich Kny

Vice Chair

  • Prof. Tamer Uyar

Grant Holder

  • Prof. Christoph Kleber, CEST, Austria

Scientific coordinator

WG1 : Materials

  • Leader: Karen de Clerck, BE
  • Vice: Eva  M. Campo, UK

WG2 : Processes

  • Leader: Jose Maria Lagaron Cabello, ES
  • Vice: Branka Pilic, RS

WG3 : Biomedical applications

  • Leader: Nabyl Khenoussi, FR
  • Vice: Ewa Kijenska, PL

WG4 : Industrial/technical  applications

  • Leader: Antonella Macagnano, IT
  • Vice: Stephen Eichhorn, UK

WG5 : Safety, Health and environmental issues

  • Leader: Seema Agarwal, DE

 STSM coordinator

  •  Padamati, Ramesh Babu, IE

 Dissemination Officer

  • Dr. Abderrahim Boudenne, FR

GB-ESR coordinator

  •  Rumiana Kotsilkova, BG

DC Rapporteurs

  • Dr Antonis Lontos (CY)

Science officer of the Action

  • Dr Maria Moragues Canovas

Administrative officer







COST MP1206 Final Event and MC meeting, University of Cyprus, Nicosia-Cyprus, 19-21 April 2017
COST MP1206 final SG meeting will take place on Monday 6 March 2017, in Ajaccio France
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