Potential Impact of the Action

The expected benefits of the Action consist in advancements of scientific research and scientific cooperation and an impact on economy and society:
On a scientific research level, the Action will:
• Increase basic knowledge on electrospinning of nanofibres,

• Create an up to date knowledge base ensuring that partners have a high level of expertise of the latest science and technology achievements,
• Strengthen the role for European research in the specific field of electrospun nanofibres and in the broader fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology,
• Increase the number and quality of collaborations by yielding the synergy between interdisciplinary research groups working on different applications,
• Secure a more rational and efficient use of facilities for experimental research,
• Improve methodologies for fabricating and characterizing electrospun nanofibres and for better understanding of structure-property relationships,
• Educate highly qualified personnel with a strong focus on ESR, having new professional skills and working within interdisciplinary teams,
• Train next generations of students in research of electrospun materials and its applications.

On an economic level, the Action will:
• Support the development of a knowledge-based and competitive European industry by advances in new applications for electrospun nanofibres,
• Contribute to the economic potential and optimised use of Electrospun nanofibrous products at lower cost based on environment-friendly production,
• Offer to the European economy new materials for multifunctional products,
• Strengthen Europe’s position in a global competition.

Society in general will benefit from:
• Advanced products for solving global challenges in food, water, energy helping to reduce fossilenergy consumption and environmental pollution,
• Improved biocompatible products for medical treatments,
• Elucidating potential health and environmental effects of nanofibrous products





COST MP1206 Final Event and MC meeting, University of Cyprus, Nicosia-Cyprus, 19-21 April 2017
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