Benefits for EU Society

The aim of the Action is to form a European multidisciplinary knowledge platform on electrospinning of nanofibres to facilitate their rapid development and applications. In particular, this platform will help to promote cooperation between researchers from different scientific disciplines,

efficiently exchanging ideas and strategies in order to lead developments in science, technology and innovative applications of electrospun nanofibres and materials derived there from.

Scientific objectives:
• Creating new electrospun nanofibrous structures for innovative applications and exchanging innovative ideas between different research groups working on various applications.
• Developing innovative production protocols for fabricating nanofibres. This will facilitate efficient and cost-reliable transfer of electrospinning procedures to the industrial scale.
Determining and documenting the properties of electrospun nanofibres. These properties are of great relevance for exploiting electrospun nanofibres in technological applications.
• Summarizing such findings in a common knowledge basis on electrospinning of nanofibres, addressing aspects related to technical, environmental, health, economic and societal issues including databases of electrospun nanofibre properties, protocols for growth/synthesis, structure/property relationships, health and environmental impacts of electrospinning and applications involving academia, research institutions and industry.
• Producing a coherent corpus of teaching and tutorial material on electrospinning of nanofibres for the use of teachers to be freely downloaded from the Action website. Young scientists (MSc and PhD students, young postdocs) and more experienced researchers entering the field are to be addressed.













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