Work Group 5: Safety, Health and environmental issues

Network activities focused on:

  • Elaboration of laboratory and work place safety

Lectures were organised from specialists and various aspects were discussed in network meetings, training schools and conferences

  •  Collecting, communicating data on toxicology

Network focussed on plant toxicology and biocompatibility of various electropsun scaffolds

  • Safety aspects of using organic solvents for electrospinning

How to avoid use of organic toxic and flammable solvents for electrospinning
was one of the main questions? Some of the alternatives emerging out from network activities were:

  1. Novel water based spinning formulations of otherwise water insoluble polymers in the form of polymeric suspensions (Green Electrospinning)
  2. Mild methods of cross-linking fibers made from water soluble polymers
  3. Reactive electrospinning

Scientific coordinators for the Working Group 5

  • Leader: Seema Agarwal, DE

WG4 Participants Overview








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